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Κωδ.: PEG10
Κατασκευαστής: PEG - ROSSI & KRAMER


System for inserting and grinding valve seats and guides

Thirty years' experience in the world of engines plus a production of over 40.000 portable grinders are behind our new model RS 08L: a stationary system for inserting and grinding valve seats and guides which combines the consolidated experience of PEG with the latest technological innovation.

The result is an extremely reliable machine whose design has benefitted from ideas developed to salve the problems met by mechanics in keeping abreast with the dynamics of new types of engines. The electronic reduced to the minimum, without superfluous sophistications and the simplicity of the operative systems conceptions, make the RS 08L particularly reliable and movable in any workshop. The machine is a modern instrument capable of handling present and future needs in restoring with maximum precision the original efficiency of cylinder heads for any type of engine - turbo, induction, petrol or diesel.

Machine complete with working head and cylinder head stand.

  • n°2 stands for cylinder head
  • n°1 tool holder head
  • n. 3 tools bit head, adjustabel for Ø18-35/30-42/42-60 mm
  • n°1 flat tool bit
  • n°2 shaped tool bit 30º and 45º
  • n°6 hardened steel fixed pilots
  • n°1 tool setting device
  • n°1 service handtools
  • Pilots in all sizes and diameters, in both millimeters and inches
  • Fixed pilots in tungsten cardibe
  • Hard metal tool bits
  • Toolssharpener with diamond tapping wheel
  • Micrometer
  • Precision chuck with adjustable cone
  • Vacuum tester
  • Reamers (ant Ø on request)
working field 800x100mm
sleeve inclination ±7º
sleeve stroke 200mm
valve seat min milling dia 18mm
valve seat max milling dia 60mm
counterboring of valve seat ring min dia 24mm
counterboring of valve seat ring max diaa 60mm
spindle rotation speed 0-700 RPM
Work pressure 8 bar
motor power 2 KW (10 A )
approx. weight 700Kg
dimensions PxBxH 1400 x 1100 x 2000

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