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PEG 25-50

Κωδ.: PEG16
Κατασκευαστής: PEG - ROSSI & KRAMER


The PEG 25-50 boring tool is specially designed for use on aluminium cylinder heads with "cast-in" camshaft bearings. The tool will rebore camshaft bearing surfaces to any size with precision alignment, on warped cylinder heads or when the bearing surface must be filled or welded. The flexibility of the tool's design is such that it can be used on a wide range of cylinder head types. A simple fitting operation makes rapid rnovernent possible between heads of the same type.

Cutting tips 6 Pz.
Locations available for tips 12
Race boring max 90 mm
Diameter boring min 24 mm
Diameter boring max 40 mm
Elettric power tipo a vite madre
Feed per revolution 0,05 mm
Speed Linear Power 400 - 600 giri/min
Shipping Weight 10 Kg
  • Feed assembly with locking nut, support, attachment plates with locating bush and attachment ears
  • Cutting with six (6) cutting bits
  • End attachment piate with locating bush and attachment ears
  • Centre supporf unit with bush

  • Locating bush set
  • accessory kit, comprising: setup micrometer, hex bali driver, hex wrenches, spare cutting bit
  • carrying case
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