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Κωδ.: PEG09
Κατασκευαστής: PEG - ROSSI & KRAMER


Manual portable system for cutting valve-seats. It allows to:
1) Restore with only one operation the valve seat angles;
2) Removal the valve seat; 
3) Increase the counter bore of the valve seat ring.

  • Variable inclination milling body with fixing electromagnetic base
  • n°1 flat tool bit
  • n°2 tool bits (1x30°; 1x45°) three angle formtools
  • n°2tool holders
  • n°5 fixed pilots

n°1 set service hand tools

  • Tool adjustment gauge
  • Operating manual
  • Plastic Box

  • Universal bench/wall support for heads
  • Fixed pilots in all sizes and diameters, in both millimeters and inches
  • Fixed pilots in tungsten carbide
  • Electric motorization
  • Vacuum tester
Minimum diameter of milling 18 mm
Diameter of milling 65 mm
Minimum diameter valve seat rings 28 mm
Diameter valve seat rings 70 mm
Chuck travel

15 mm

Motor feed V 230 1PH - V 400 3PH
Motor power Kw 0,24 x 1PH - Kw 0,37 x 3PH
Revolutions in exit g/min 56

Motor feed V 230 3PH
Variable speed control V 230 1PH
Motor power Kw 0,37
Min revolutions in exit g/min 30
Maximum revolutions in exit g/min 100

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