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Κωδ.: PEG01
Κατασκευαστής: PEG - ROSSI & KRAMER

The RV3000 valve refacer marks a new phase in valve refacing. It`s double "V" operation, instead of the traditional use of pliers or chucks, brings to very accurate results and is extremely easy. The peculiar valve locking system can be applied on a wide range of engines.

  • Allen wrench 2.5/3/4/5/6
  • Open end wrench 8
  • Valve drassing wheel
  • Valve stop
  • Diamond
  • Diamond support and valve and refacer
  • Other eletric powers on request
  • Adapter for valve stem lower than Ø 4 
    and lower than 70 mm length
  • Pair of valve supports for valve stems over Ø 16 mm
Valve stem diameter 4 mm (5/32") - 16 mm (10/16")
Grinding sngle 20°-60°
Maximum head diameter 100 mm
Maximum head length 400-450 mm
Valve length at 30° and 40° 75 mm min
Head diameter 30° 22 mm min
Head diameter 45° 11 mm min
Grinding wheel size 175 Ø x 30 mm
Grinding wheel speed 2800 rpm
Elettric power 230/400V 50Hz 3Ph
Valve dragging wheel speed 14 rpm
Dimension 800(31" 1/2) x 600(23" 3/5) x 600(23" 3/5)
Weight 109Kg (240Lbs)
Low tension driving control
Moror-driven grinding wweel

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